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            DongGuanTaiGe Precision Metal Co.,LTD
            TEL: (+86)0769-22783160
            FAX: (+86)0769-22788778
            E-mail: [email protected]
            ADD: Qiantou new industial area building 23#, Guanchang Rd.(Niushan), Dongcheng District,Dongguan City,Guangdong China
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            The company adheres to a quality guidance of Continuous Improvement, Satisfies Requirements of Customers, Keeps Improving, Constantly Exceeds the Expectation of Clients, as well as the pursuance of flawless products, it introduced state-of-the-art processing equipment and quality inspection equipment from Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, etc., there are tool microscope, light instrument, projection instrument, roundness measuring instrument, hardness tester, gear two-sided flank instrument, laser measuring instrument, etc. in these inspection equipment. Meanwhile, Cando's people don't forget to study advanced managerial technology and manufacturing technique to improve the company's quality, so as to better meet the needs of customers.
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